We run your technology so you can run and grow your business! 

At WiseGuyz, we are a team of multi-disciplined engineers with a unified goal: provide businesses with the tools, infrastructure, security and support needed to operate effectively and efficiently. Our mission is to support your business workforce by providing secure and seamless solutions for the modern workforce. 


We Offer The Following Services

MSP & Help Desk

Our mission is to support your business workforce by providing secure and seamless solutions for the identity, authentication & access to each worker, from onboarding to termination. We offer 24/7 help desk support so your workforce can achieve their goals and grow your business!


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System Architecture & Design

In the modern age of technology, it is essential your business is setup for the modern workforce. Designing technology to scale your business and provide the tools and foundation for an efficient, secure and scalable organization. We offer full and hybrid environments to reduce costs and increase scalability. It is essential designing an architecture, so your workforce has the tools to work anytime, anywhere, safely and securely!


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Network Engineering & Administration

Our goal is not just to give you a network, but rather to give you the best possible solution brought about by our experts, that will fulfill your current and future needs as you grow. We design your networks with a security first approach, allowing us to ensure that your data always stays yours. As with all of our services, you will also receive 24/7 support, for every aspect of your networks.


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Our team has the experience and expertise you need to help lead your ERP implementation and management. We want to ensure your management team has the reporting, financial, and accounting needs, while also helping you streamline processes and improve your overall business.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We provide insight into your company by designing and building the architecture and infrastructure needed to aggregate all your data. This ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline is built with modern processes in mind, for a dynamic and growing business. Once this backend system is built, we help combine this data into dashboards that allow you to see trends within the company.

Special Forces

Have you had a breach of sensitive data? A network crash at a critical time? A ransomware attack on your employees’ machines? Our Special Forces are here to help. We will come in during a stressful time for your company, assess the situation, and resolve any issue that is presented to us.

Connecting Your Business With The Best Technology

We like to think outside of the box and offer unique solutions to your unique business problems – because we know it is not always one size fits all. No matter the breadth or complexity of the problem, we know we can come up with the best solution. We run your IT organization so you can run your business.   

We provide a full suite of tools and services that can either function as your company’s technology department or fill gaps in your current team.

Whether your company is just starting out and needs help building a solid foundation or already in motion and needs helps growing.

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