The power of the cloud, with the knowledge of our experts, puts you in control.

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  • Our experts have seamlessly integrated with the top software service providers, at minimal cost, and no down time.

  • This means that all your software is kept up to date, fully accurate, and never stops working for you. The more your software works, the more you can focus on your business.

  • We are able to not only automate your HR and IT internal processes to increase onboarding, offboarding, and troubleshooting speeds, but we also increase the rate at which your business does business.

  • Whether you have Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics or many others for your ERP or CRM systems, we can create Business-To-Business automation that will have both your internal processes streamlined, and increase relations with vendors and clients.

Where to start

  • Simply click 'Let's Get Started' at the bottom of our page

  • Fill out the basic form and choose 'submit'. We will reach out to you for further details and develop the solution from there.

  • Our process is simple, we work with you to pinpoint your exact needs, we create a custom platform and portal unique to your company, and you have full visibility to watch your software do the work for you. 

  • Anything more you need can be requested through our support portal, or through your account rep.

A little bit about our platform

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  • We work with you to determine your company's exact needs.

  • We acquire necessary access levels to each software in the scope of our project.

  • Our engineers develop a custom server instance specifically for your company's custom portal, allowing visibility and access into all your applications.

  • The portal is built and integrated with our API functions for all your relevant service providers.

  • Our software works seamlessly with SOAP or RESTful API services.

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