Let us handle the stress of IT and security, so you can focus on your business.

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Desktop Support/Setup

  • Computer Setups, tailored to your company's needs for each employee

  • Computer maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Remote access anytime your employees need it

  • Local application troubleshooting

  • Software installation, as well as hardware installation and upgrades

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Server Support/Setup

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  • Server Setups, for whatever you need.

  • Local or on-premise server set up and maintenance

  • Remote Server monitoring and security

  • Server Virtual network VPN leveraging Azure for local network access of data

  • Upgrade, softare installation and troubleshooting


  • Cloud security combined with local network security

  • Endpoint encryption for all of your companies devices

  • Remote monitoring and virus scanning on company machines

  • Deep packet inspection and Intrusion prevention systems for your local network

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Software Management

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  • Administration of IT software such phone systems, SSO software, Storage software, Communications software and many more.

  • Implementation of software types listed above as well as continued support

  • mamagement of local device software and ability to deploy software company wide to remote user machines

  • Automation of events and data across software platforms through our Automate platform.


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  • Ubiquiti powered software defined networking for a seamless Network experience.

  • In depth firewall set ups with deep packet inspection (DPI) for all data, allowing you visibility into your users traffic.

  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS), ensuring nothing comes into your network that shouldn't

  • Virtual network set ups in Azure, leveraging the cloud infrastructure.

  • Fully integrated cloud and local networks allowing data flow between cloud based servers and on-premise environments.

  • Security policies to ensure your company never has a breach of data.

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